Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Maori Language Week.

 Maori Language Week

Today at 9:30 am our school gathered together to celebrate Maori Language Week.  The senior students started off with a Maori welcome for everyone watching at school and online.

There were lots of dances. I was in the Poi dance. We sang ‘Aue Rona e’ ,while swinging our pois left and right together at the same time. We had 5 days to practice and I think we did a great job.

My favourite performance was the stick dance.  It was a big group and they sang E Papa Waiari, while flipping and throwing their sticks to each other.


Annie was one of the kids who were saying their pepeha. I thought she was great like the others but she was awesome.

This was the best Friday ever in the whole term.

Sunday, 13 September 2020

My Nana's Birthday

                   My Nana’s Birthday

In the morning I woke up for my nana’s birthday at my house. After that my aunty, my family and my dad’s brother came. I was in the pool with Ethan, Toni and Maata. My Nana just arrived so we went and hid in the pool to surprise her. After that I hugged my grandma and said Happy Birthday. 

We then went inside and ate KFC and barbecue once the birthday was done. Later on I watched Pokemon Sun and Moon. It was cool because Ash had Rockruff because it could evolve into Lanrock. When it evolved it was at sunset, which means the green flash Lacrock  was orange. It was cool that Ash and Pikachu liked it. So when it was done we slept late.   


Sunday, 17 May 2020


WALT:add adjectives to nouns

The hungry, angry  seagull dived.
Herrings for lunch.

The purple,big  snapper dived.
Limpets for lunch.

The successful,fast dolphin dived.
Squid for lunch.

The awesome, brave seal dived.
Unique shrimps for lunch.

The big,blue whale dived.
Delicious krill for lunch.

The tasty,yummy crab dived,then…

He was lunch

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Jesus's Story

Jesus’s  story  
My name is Jesus and my parents are God andMary. When I was born I was kind and loving .After that when I was a grown up, bad things happened. Children’s  parents were yelling at them. then the sins came to take over the anger. so   then they made me go on the cross. my mum was so sad.  then the people said that I am funny. but then they  knew that I am God's son so they put me in a tomb. After that an Angel came and opened the  to and some of my friends came to see in the tomb but I was not in There  because I was Risen because I am the Son of God.